Easy Renewable Energy Systems: Homemade Solar Hot Water Systems

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Published: 23rd May 2011
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If you are really interested in creating your own home made renewable energy systems, then solar hot water systems can be considered as the easiest project. But the main problem which is often faced is the attachment of the current plumbing system in the house. This article provides you the information of different parts and components of the home solar power heater along with their working.

The main component which is involved in the solar hot water systems is known as the solar collector. In simple words it can be said that it is just a tank which has been modified in such a way that it can absorb the energy from the sun. So, in order to prevent the loss of heat, it can be painted black on the external surface or it may have the insulation on the internal surfaces. Water is kept in the taken and with the action of the thermal energy of the sun, it can be heated.

If you want to know an elaborate design, then you can study the flat plate solar collector. The best thing about this solar heater is that same principle is followed, but it is designed in such a manner that it can squeeze out more juice from the sunís heat. Black color is painted in order to absorb the solar heat and radiation. Tubing is placed along the plate which will hold the water. The tubing will expose the water to the heat and results in more water heating.

Placement of the collector is very much important but is mainly dependent on two factors. It should be exposed to as much sunís heat as it can; hence south facing directions in the home is considered to be the best option. But always take care of moving the water to the boiler system in your home. So it is better, if boiler is nearer. In case, if the position of the boiler is poor, then you need to pump the water to the boiler. If the setting of the boiler is done in appropriate manner, then you can place the solar water collector above the boiler and then allow the gravity to do its work.

So in the end it can be concluded that a solar hot water system can be just a simple solar water collector which doesnít have any moving parts or electricity and you donít have to worry about the connection of the boiler system.

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