An Overview on Acuvue Lenses

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Published: 28th September 2011
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Since their introduction back in 1887, contact lenses have seen numerous makeovers. With incredible advancements in manufacturing technology, contact lenses available today are not only capable of addressing numerous vision disorders such as astigmatism, presbyopia, etc.; they offer exceptional comfort as well. Not only this; contact lenses are available in numerous color options as well. Colored contact lenses have gained extraordinary popularity among teenagers and people from the glamour biz. Unfortunately, due to the large number of manufacturers to choose from, people often find it a challenge to find the perfect pair. This is the why it is recommended that you go for a reputed name in the business such as Acuvue.

Acuvue lenses are premium quality contact lenses coming from the reliable stable of legendary manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. With foundation dating back to 1886, you can expect nothing but the best from a century of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical and medical devices. Acuvue was founded as Frontier Contact Lens Company in Jacksonville during the 1950s by Seymour Marco, an optometrist. The company started the production of soft contact lenses in 1971. After achieving immense success in the contact lens market, Frontier Contact Lens Company was sold by the founder to Johnson & Johnson. Since then J&J has brought several changes to the production and properties of contact lenses.

Today, no matter whether you are dealing with astigmatism, presbyopia, short sightedness or far sightedness, you can find a perfect pair of contact lenses for yourself. There are toric contact lenses for correcting astigmatism, bifocal lenses for presbyopia and mono-vision lenses for near and short sightedness. As far as the manufacturing material and lifespan is concerned, Acuvue lenses are available in a variety of options ranging from daily disposable lenses to the ones with a lifespan of up to two weeks. Though you may also find hard contact lenses by other manufacturers promising much longer lifespan, going for them is not recommended as they have a number of demerits with discomfort and improper fit on cornea to name a couple.

With most notable stores moving to the virtual platform; buying contact lenses was never easier. Any web search engine can get you the links of a number of viable online stores to buy contact lenses from. All leading online stores maintain catalogues offering detailed description of lenses available to help you find the perfect pair. Irrespective of whether you need to buy toric contact lenses or a pair of fancy colored lenses, you will easily find a pair satisfying all conditions.

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